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  • A resource for the History of the Christian church and it's roots, plus information on many other religious groups and their history.
  • Information on local churches, their service times, style of worship and links to their websites.
  • Information on the beliefs of most Christian churches and other religious organizations. 
  • This site is totally searchable.  If you want to know what various denominations believe about a certain subject, you can type it in to the search box and get list.  If you want to know about church history and want to understand what Constantine's involvement was or you want to know who Eusebius was, you can enter their name in the search. 
  • If you would like to know what a Mega-Church is or a list where they are in Minnesota, you can find here.
  • If you would like to add comments to any article or post on this site, add information on your church or belief you can request Access by contacting the Webmaster.  Access is being limited because of the nature of anonymous posts is they are often unreliable or malicious.
  • This site is based on a Wiki format, and as such works just like Wikipedia.
  • This Website is in it's early developmental stage and as such will be adding new information daily. 


  • Editor and webmaster of, Steven Olson, holds a degree in theology and Greek and co-authored a work study book for Greek students.  He has done extensive study in Christian church history and other popular religions.


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